Committed to Health

Dr. Jason has traveled the country in order to learn the principles of healing and has been personally mentored by Dr. Peter Goldman (a Globally renowned healer) and Dr. Vic Loofboro, who was a direct student of Dr. Thurman Fleet, the developer of the Zone Technique. Dr. Jason has been utilizing the Zone Technique since 2005. He focuses on total body health in body, mind, and soul. Besides helping patients achieve wellness, healing, and better lives, Dr. Jason is a mentor to doctors, natural healthcare practitioners, etc. He has taught seminars and workshops nationally, as well as in Minnesota. He lives near Princeton, MN with his wife Jessie, and their four children: Henry, Haley, Harrison, and Hudson. In his free time, Dr. Jason enjoys being with his family, whether outdoors or in gym. He is an avid fan of his kids, watching them basketball and other sports. Dr. Jason and his family are passionate NDSU Bison Football and Basketball fans.  

"Dr. Jason is accommodating, compassionate and encouraging. Seeing Dr. Jason has changed my life and outlook for the future, and I highly recommend him to others who have health issues or to those who just want to keep their bodies healthy."
-J. S.