The journey to a healthy life begins now.

Do you feel as though you are thriving or wilting?

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With Dr. Jason, you will thrive.

What makes adjustments from Dr. Jason different?

Answer:  Zone Technique

Zone Technique balances your brain and aligns your spine so that your body can restore itself to maximum health. 

Zone Healing Chiropractic is a proven, unique way to    re-align and re-balance your body.

This method creates lasting health in body, mind, and soul to ensure you thrive.



Zone Technique

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The Zone Technique leads to full wellness. We all want to reach a higher frequency, a life of total health and happiness. This method helps you heal by finding and fixing any disturbances in the signals between your brain and your body. Dr. Jason is here to help. Are you ready to finally achieve your health goals?

About Dr. Jason

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Dr. Jason has helped countless people by using the Zone Technique. He is devoted to his patients and believes in leading a healthy, full life. His education in chiropractic work and Concept Therapy allow him to offer the best method of treatment for you. Dr. Jason doesn't want you just to survive, but thrive.

Success Stories

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Yes, it sounds unthinkable, but the Zone Technique really works. Many patients are now pain-free, sleeping soundly, feeling energetic, and increasing their activity levels. After seeing Dr. Jason, patients are rejuvenated in body, mind, and soul. We have many patients who have eliminated their suffering to prove it.


“Because Dr. Jason focuses on healing the whole person, I have found positive changes in all areas of my health. I sleep well, my skin is clearer, and my body digests food better. My wife says that I seem happier too!"