"I instantly got tears in my eyes from the immense relief of pain!"

Think it sounds too good to be true?

Here's what our patients have to say.


Weight Loss and General Health

Deborah experiences the lifelong benefit of health through balancing Zone Adjustments.  Deb runs a busy professional office and Dr. Jason's appointments help her stay on top of it all.  She doesn't miss work due to pain or illness and her healthy balance even brought about weight loss!


Family Wellness

Hear Lisa's story about how her whole family has benefitted, so much so that they have formed a lifelong family wellness relationship.

Head Injury

Read Cachea's story about how a sport head injury turned into a lifelong committment to wellness because of the success of the results with Dr. Jason's Zone Technique.

Avoidance of Surgery

Jody tells how Dr. Jason and Zone Healing helped her athlete daughter achieve accelerated healing post surgery, and how she avoided surgery, as well.



Balance the Body and Take Back Your Health


I No Longer Need Thyroid Medication!"

"I first went to seek out chiropractic services because of chronic back, neck, shoulder, and arm pain. Several changes have occurred since starting Zone Healing sessions. I certainly have a different viewpoint of chiropractic. I never before realized the holistic approach of it. Dr. Jason very subtly treats the mind, body, and spirit. He is full of positive affirmations when I’ve needed them. The chronic pains I’ve had in my back are gone and I can now shovel snow for an entire hour without any discomfort! The most validating evidence of positive effects of Zone Healing is that my thyroid function has stabilized and I no longer need to take thyroid medication due to the fact that my lab tests have been within normal limits without the aid of any medication! Before experiencing The Zone Healing Center I would never have expected that chiropractic would help this area of my life."


“No More Pain During My Menstrual Cycle!”"

"As a college student, there are many stresses that come with balancing school, work, and a social life. I tend to be an extreme perfectionist and anal about everything in every aspect of my life. Because of this, I started smoking at the age of 17 and relying on 5-6 Mountain Dews to get me through the day. I would stay up until three in the morning studying or doing homework, and wake up early the next day to go to class. I had little-to-no energy throughout the day, I was irritable about 95% of the time, and even the smallest things would set me off. Not only did this affect my social life, but it affected my health as well. I was having daily headaches, lower back pain, knee pain, I wasn’t sleeping very well at night, and I had extreme discomfort during my menstrual cycle. Ever since I’ve been getting Zone Healing sessions with Dr. Jason, I’ve come to realize that I don’t need to be a perfectionist about everything. I’ve also learned to let go or get rid of the many stressors in my life. I’ve cut back on my pop intake. I’ve been eating better, had fewer headaches, getting sound, more recuperative sleep. I no longer have any signs of knee pain. The best part about it all is that I have had no pain during my menstrual cycle! Any woman could attest that  that’s a pretty big deal! I am doing better in my classes, passing all of my tests with flying colors, and I’ve been able to better focus on my studying. My relationships with my friends and with my boyfriend have also gotten better; there’s been less arguing and fighting over minute things. Overall, I am a happier and healthier person! I highly recommend seeing Dr. Jason; you’ll be amazed at what Zone Healing can do for you!


My Hockey Game Has Improved

I play hockey at a very high level. My parents convinced me to try The Zone Healing Center because I had a very tight back and a few problems with it. After the first few weeks I noticed my back was getting better. After another few weeks of care I noticed that I was able to relax much more and sleep better. My appetite also improved and I have a lot more energy. As a hockey player, Zone Healing Chiropractic has helped me to relax on the ice and play much better. Every time I go in for an adjustment I feel better about everything!


A Healthy, and More Comfortable, Pregnancy

"I suddenly found myself being bothered with severe back pain due to my pregnancy. After some coaxing from my husband (a regular visitor at The Zone Healing Center) I decided to call Dr. Jason. I am so glad that I did! Since I began receiving Zone Adjustments from Dr. Jason, so many of the typical and uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy have been alleviated. My digestive system and elimination process has improved tremendously! I find that my skin has cleared considerably, and when I NEED to sleep, I am now ABLE to sleep! Dr. Jason’s care has helped me to truly enjoy my whole pregnancy experience; but more importantly, I know that I’m doing everything possible to take care of the life growing inside of me. I have always felt very welcome and comfortable at The Zone Healing Center.

Meagan, the receptionist, is always very helpful and friendly. I am always surprised that she knows patients by their first name! Dr. Jason works with all of his patients on a very personal and professional level. He genuinely cares for everyone that comes to his office and his passion for treating the “whole person not just the problems” is very obvious. I highly recommend Dr. Jason to anyone. My husband and I are so thankful for his care and I am very confident that he can help anyone!


“My Prayers Have Been Answered”

"I have suffered with fibromyalgia for over 10 years. Living with constant pain in my neck, head, back and all over aches and pains. I’ve gone to numerous doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc. Two months ago I could barely walk, the pain was so severe in my entire body and legs. I remembered hearing about Dr. Jason Lupkes and his Zone Healing Technique and was desperate when I called him. He met with me and within my first two visits I felt so much better. I am now feeling much less pain and I can walk and exercise again, my prayers have been answered. Thanks to Dr. Jason and the gift of healing Godhas given him.


NO MORE Ear Infections!  My Baby Now Healthy Without Drugs!

"I started bringing my 9 month old son in to Dr. Jason because of how irritable he was; colicky, constipated, problems sleeping, ear infections and just overall never seemed like he was happy. When I’d bring him in to the doctors, they would constantly push drugs. They wanted me to give him Zantac (saying he had acid reflux) or Amoxicillin (trying to cure an ear infection). I could see none of these drugs were working and I just kept feeling worse as a parent giving these types of drugs to an infant. Some of my family members had suggested trying a Chiropractor, so I found Dr. Jason and when he introduced himself to me with his Zone Healing informational packet, it just all made sense to me. So, I scheduled my son for the Zone Healing sessions and after the first few visits, I noticed immediate improvements; he slept better at night, his bowel movements were more normal, and he just seemed happier! My son is now 17 months old and is very healthy. He has not had another ear infection since we’ve seen Dr. Jason and we no longer go to the Medical Doctor for any little sneezes or colds, etc. We’ve chosen to go to Dr. Jason to fix his little system and get his body back up and running, and let his body heal itself (the natural way).


No More Jaw Pain!

“I instantly got tears in my eyes from the immense relief of pain.”

"Since I was bringing my son into Dr. Jason, it only made sense to try Dr. Jason out myself. I had a pain start in my jaw line; I ignored it and felt it would just go away. Well, it got worse and worse, so much that I had to take Tylenol 800 to hide the pain. I could not figure out the problem of the pain, so I made an appointment to 3 places; the Ear Neck & Throat Doctor, the Dentist, and the Chiropractor (Dr. Jason). Dr. Jason happened to be the first one I could get in to see. Now, this would be my first time ever seeing a Chiropractor for myself. I was very nervous; I was scared of how it was going to feel to be adjusted. But, I had reminded myself that it couldn’t be any worse than the pain that I was feeling in my neck/jaw. I was ready to try it! Dr. Jason took the scan of my nerves along my spine and just from that; I could tell that my system was out of whack. And then he gently adjusted me…WOW, what a relief! I still, to this day, remember that happiness I felt. I instantly got tears in my eyes from the immense relief of pain. I felt like a new person, it was wonderful. That pain I had felt was gone and didn’t come back. I cancelled the other appointments I had with the Medical Specialist and Dentist. It was obvious that my system had been out of balance. I often wonder how many other people have had a pain like mine and have just gone to the doctor, and are taking drugs to just hide the pain. I hope that by sharing my experiences with Zone Healing it will help to open other people’s minds to safer and natural way of healing. I am a true believer in natural healing; I believe that our bodies and nerves have to be in balance to be healthy, happy and working right.


Digestive Dysfunction Improved!

"Zone Healing resonates with my vision of what true health care must be…an approach that considers the whole person and not just symptoms. One must care for and pay attention to the body, mind and spirit to experience true health.

This is what I have attempted to live over the past number of years. In reading about zone healing, I recognized an approach to health that could support and expand my beginning efforts.

I did not have any specific symptoms that I started coming in for. I simply wanted to enhance what I had already begun. I was pleasantly surprised to find zone healing improving what I had accepted as normal for me. Ever since I was small, I have had sensitive inner ears. Swinging on swings made me sick. Rides at the fair made me sick, and I almost always felt sick when I got up in the mornings. This has improved.

My stomach and intestines have always carried my stress. Upset stomachs, irritable bowel and bloating have been common over the years. These have improved. Even my junk food cravings have decreased. My allergy and sinus problems have also improved, and I’m looking forward to the next allergy season to see how far reaching my changes are.

Recently, I had four days in a row where I felt absolutely great. It was awesome and made me question what I had previously accepted as “normal”. I look forward to the months and years ahead to see how zone healing continues to improve my life.


Whole Family Care

"My Whole Family Has Benefited!

Since beginning Zone Therapy with Dr. Jason, I’ve noticed improvements in many areas of my health and life. I immediately felt a difference in my neck and back. After just one adjustment, I could move better than I had in months. As the weeks passed, I noticed a steady improvement in not only the way my neck and back felt, but also in my overall health. I now feel better than I have in years. I have more energy to keep up with my daughters and I am feeling more calm. Dr. Jason’s positive words and outlook have helped me to learn that I have control of my health and outlook on life.

My daughters have started Zone Healing sessions as well. My three year old was having trouble sleeping. She loves getting “adjusted at the firecractor” (i.e. her word for chiropractor) and is now sleeping much better. My infant was having problems with acid reflux and constipation. Before starting treatment, she would go three to four days between dirty diapers. Now, she has one to two each day! They are both happier and healthier kids and that makes their dad and me happy as well. I highly recommend Dr. Jason and Zone Healing for the whole family. Thanks Dr. Jason!


Lowered Blood Pressure Without Meds

"I first met Dr. Jason at the Benton County Fair. Seeing a chiropractor has been on my mind for some time. I have not been feeling great for a number of years. Dr. Jason has helped me to learn to relax and become more in tune with my body and myself as a person. I believe the Zone Adjustments that I receive have helped me to become healthier. Since being under Dr. Jason’s care, my blood pressure has lowered. Because of this, my medical doctor has had me decrease my blood pressure medication!


“True Healing Comes From Within”

"When I first came to The Zone Healing Center all I wanted was a “quick fix”. I had heard it all before from many different chiropractors. However, Dr. Jason’s approach is very different. Now I have my whole being taken care of. Healing not only comes from the outside, but true healing comes from within. Having the right frame of mind combined with Zone Healing is powerful. Learning how to take care of yourself is so important to being your best inside and out (Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually). I strongly recommend having faith in the process that Dr. Jason suggests and then go for total healing. I feel great!"


My Breathing Has Improved

"I had previous chiropractic care but had not been seen or adjusted for probably 1½ to 2 years. I saw Dr. Lupkes’ exhibit at the Benton County Fair and decided to see what another doctor of chiropractic could do for me. Since beginning care at The Zone Healing Center, I have an overall feeling of improved health, including improved ease of movement and less pain. I have also had significant improvements in bowel function and breathing. I am more at ease and relaxed. I have more energy and am able to exercise more. I really appreciate Dr. Lupkes taking the time to explain the care given regarding the Health Zones and subluxations. I am thankful for the opportunity to be treated by a doctor who is living his faith in God.


Physical, Mental and Spirital Healing

"I have received chiropractic care very sporadically during the past 20 years from a “traditional” chiropractor – basically whenever my back “went out”. When I met Dr. Jason, I was impressed with his knowledge and passion for his work. Since beginning care with Dr. Jason, I quickly learned chiropractic care is not simply about “fixing” my neck and back, but instead it’s about caring for my entire body – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I value his opinion and feel extremely comfortable with the Zone Healing approach he uses with his patients. Dr. Jason is very understanding and compassionate, I know that my journey to a healthier being will take time, but with Dr. Jason’s help I know I’ll get there.


I Feel Much Better!

"I came to see Dr. Jason because nothing else was helping. Since beginning care I am more positive, I have an improved sleep pattern, better appetite, and decreased discomfort. I am able to walk more and sleep all night. All around, I feel much better."


Improvement After Only ONE Visit

"I started going to The Zone Healing Center because I was always feeling tired and had neck and head aches. After the very first visit I noticed a difference! Now I have more energy and look forward to my next visit knowing that each visit is going to make me stronger. Dr. Jason is so thoughtful and listens and helps with anything you care to share with him. He truly is here to help others live a healthier and more productive life!


I Feel Like I’m 20 Again!

"When I first came to The Zone Healing Center, I was in terrible pain. Every morning, I literally had to crawl out of bed. Even after several sessions with a physical therapist and traction, lower back pain plagued me. I had also developed excruciating pain in my heels (spurs). I was unable to sleep or walk without extreme pain. For me, immediate relief was experienced after my very first adjustment with Dr. Lupkes. After the first two weeks (four adjustments), everything had improved; my eating, my breathing, my workouts, and even my “personal life.” Everything had fallen together and I am experiencing the best health ever. I feel like I’m 20 again! Thank you, Dr. Lupkes, for everything. Everyone needs to try this; total health is the only way to go.


“I Feel Like a New Man!”

"Before learning about The Zone Healing center I did not feel good. I had a bad back and was tired all of the time. After receiving regular care from Dr. Jason, I now feel great. I have no back pain, I am more relaxed and don’t need as much sleep. I now feel happier than I have ever felt in my entire life! I went from no walking or exercise to walking at least 4 miles every day. This is the best I have felt in over 20 years, I FEEL GREAT! I feel like a new man! Thank you very much Dr. Lupkes, I cannot thank you enough.


Amazing Life Transformation

"I have experienced amazing changes physically and emotionally since I’ve been working with Dr. Jason at the Zone Healing Center. I am successfully living in the moment of each day focusing on perfect health and balance.

I have faced many challenges in the past never trusting that I could feel good and have seen many different health care professionals for a variety of illnesses. I had previously been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic sinus infections, migraines, restless leg syndrome, acid reflux, asthma, depression, anxiety and arthritis. I had taken multiple medications for these issues, had surgery, went to counseling and sought out many types of alternative healing methods. I had also seen numerous chiropractors. I had gotten relief from alternative methods and from other chiropractors. However, I began to see my life-changing progress once I started coming to see Dr. Jason. Zone Healing doesn’t require me to complain about ailments or to try to remember every little discomfort in hopes of getting a proper adjustment. The zones let Dr. Jason know what my body needs, and the knowledge of concept therapy helps me to focus on perfect health in mind, body and soul. I am no longer taking any type of medication nor do I label myself with any condition.

I now see the difference between thoughts of wanting to heal a certain issue and thoughts of being in perfect health. Overall, I feel great physically and emotionally on a daily basis. I live every day with more ease and balance. When something comes up for me, I realize that I need to re-focus and move on as quickly as possible.

For me, it is much simpler to focus on staying on track than “dealing” with numerous illnesses, medications and appointments. When I stopped giving attention to these things, they just went away!



“Seeing Dr. Jason has changed my life and outlook for the future”

Dr. Jason was recommended to me by a pharmacist who I spoke with when I was taking several medications for sleep issues, anxiety and depression.

I had not been sleeping well for several months and was trying to deal with stress that was related to a job change and subsequent downsizing.

After my first visit with Dr. Jason, I felt as if my body’s nervous system had been jump-started. After that, my nervous system seemed to be calmer and my body felt more relaxed.

Dr. Jason’s way of incorporating healthy ways of thinking and dealing with oneself and others has really helped my health return to normal.

I now rarely worry and look at life with a new perspective. The massage therapist I see has noticed that the tension that had always built up within me is rarely there anymore.

Dr. Jason is accommodating, compassionate and encouraging. Seeing Dr. Jason has changed my life and outlook for the future, and I highly recommend him to others who have health issues or to those who just want to keep their bodies healthy.


Relief From Seasonal Allergies

"It has been almost a year since I first met Dr. Jason. I came to him with a terribly painful neck and shoulder. Even after the very first treatment I felt a great relief! My husband was recovering nicely from surgery, but I could not figure out how to let myself relax and not fear future problems. Zone Healing has allowed me to relax and keep all my zones clear by getting them checked and adjusted regularly. Some other benefits that I have experienced since I began Zone Healing are relief from seasonal allergies, more and better sleep, more energy and much less worry about things I cannot control. At Dr. Jason’s suggestion, I started to read and study about Concept Therapy. I have also attended Concept Therapy seminars and have read some great books on the subject. The workshops supply “top notch” information taught by very knowledgeable and passionate instructors. What a difference this has made in my life! I look at life in a more positive and healthy manner. I will continue to learn and practice the principles of Concept Therapy for the rest of my life! Concept Therapy has given me the tools to live my life to the fullest! I am a happier person and my relationships are better because of this way of life. I have never felt happier and healthier! This is the primary source of my health and wellness regimen. I would (and do) recommend Zone Healing to anyone striving to be healthy and happy.

-Julie Gartner

Infant Daughter No Longer Suffering From Acid Reflux

Everyone always talked about how newborns slept all the time. I would be lucky if my child slept at all some days. At one month of age my daughter was refusing to eat and having a lot of trouble sleeping. When she would sleep I would have to be holding her upright in my arms. Whenever she was put down she would cry and cry. Our daughter was diagnosed by doctors with Acid Reflux. My husband and I were directed to administer Zantac twice daily. I did not want to give my child medication but I felt I had to in order to help her eat and sleep. After two months of frustration with the medication I turned to Dr. Jason Lupkes for another approach to health. I personally have not had many medical issues in my life and was just not familiar with all of the wonderful help that could come from such a skilled chiropractor like Dr. Lupkes. He has taught me a different approach to viewing my daughter’s health or which I am truly thankful. He has shown me that by relieving her digestive system of stress she will have perfect health. After my daughter’s first visit we saw a change in her mood. She was calmer and did not seem to be in pain. My husband and I are thrilled to have been able to discontinue the need for medication and now see such a happy, strong baby. We continue weekly visits to see Dr. Jason with confidence that her body has become stronger and healthier because of his help. Than you Dr. Jason for you expert advise, skill and support for our daughter!



"My son was diagnosed with a double ear infection by his pediatrician. He had multiple ear infections from birth to four years and had substantial fluid behind his ear drums. He had been prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics, and they made him very ill. Because of this, he failed his kindergarten hearing screening. His pediatrician scheduled surgery for tubes, but I wanted to try other options before going through with the invasive surgery. I cancelled the surgery three days before it was supposed to happen. I brought him to see Dr. Jason at the Zone Healing Center. Dr. Jason did a thorough exam and presented my husband and me with an informative summary of our son’s status. We went through with the Zone Therapy sessions, and we saw immediate results. I stopped giving him the antibiotics and purchased an all natural antibiotic called Phytocillin. After only two months, our son was over his ear infections and passed his hearing re-screen. It has been almost two years and our son has not had another ear infection since. We went to the Zone Healing Center for approximately four months. One year later, our son told me he thought he needed an adjustment. We have been going again every three weeks for the last couple of months, and he says he likes to go and it helps his neck and back. I am so very grateful that we did not have to put our son through surgery. Thanks Dr. Jason for helping our family.


Thyroid Levels Back To Normal Without Drugs!

I" am a healthy 29 year old woman but after I had my first child my body decided to go on a roller coaster ride. My leg ached so bad I nearly cried every time I had to walk down any stairs and my Thyroid went crazy. When I went in for my postnatal check ups the Medical doctors would test my thyroid and insist that I go on medication to level out my thyroid. Finally I let the doctor write me a prescription. Instead of filling the prescription I went to Dr. Jason. He assured me that in time my thyroid would be back to normal. Dr. Jason helped me to focus on letting my body heal rather than focusing constantly on the thyroid problem. His adjustments concentrated on the Zone that helps regulate the thyroid. With Dr. Jason’s words of wisdom, very focused Zone adjustments and positive thinking on my end, my thyroid is back to normal and I feel great. Also my legs no longer ache. Dr. Jason’s unique approach to healing is amazing and makes total sense. I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone!


“Baby Acne” and Acid Reflux Resolved After 1st Visit!

"I gave birth two a beautiful baby girl in February. Like many babies she would spit up in large quantities and get very upset in the very beginning. Had I taken her to a Medical doctor I am certain they would have told me that she had acid reflux and want to put her on some sort of medication. Instead of going the medical route, we just brought her to Dr. Jason to have her Zones cleared. Her massive spit ups subsided after visiting Dr. Jason! A while later she broke out with severe baby acne all over her face. We took her to Dr. Jason specifically for the acne. Dr. Jason told us the skin is just another way for our body’s to excrete toxins. Dr. Jason gently cleared her Eliminative Zone and within one day, I am not even kidding, her face and body was 90% cleared up! I called him up immediately to let him know the results. The body is an extraordinary instrument that is designed to heal itself. With a little help from Dr. Jason it is amazing how fast one can see the results! Thank you Dr. Jason and the Zone Healing Center for everything you’ve done for my family!


From Night Terrors To Good Nights!

"My son is 7 years old and has suffered with night terrors for most of his life. He would wake up almost every night crying, sweating, and chattering his teeth. It would take up to 20 minutes to get him to fall asleep sometimes. I shared this problem with a group of ladies at my Bible Study. One of them suggested I bring him to the doctor to get medication to sleep. I really believe in natural healing and didn’t want to medicate my son for the rest of his life. I knew there had to be another way. Another lady gave me Dr Jason’s card, so I looked up his website and it felt so warm and inviting. My son started seeing Dr. Jason and improvement started right away. I was very pleased with our visits because Dr. Jason really seemed to care about our family. You don’t get that with most doctors. My son started sleeping better right away. Before we brought him, he woke up every night except for 2 for that whole month. After his first few visits, he actually slept through the night here and there and when he did wake up, it was very different. He was calm and quiet. He would just sleep walk a little. It was a lot easier to handle. He would always just go right back to sleep. Things have only gotten better and my son now sleeps much better! I can’t tell you how glad I am that I took this route instead of the drugs! Dr. Jason also taught us that you need to have faith in the healing process and be positive because being negative will only slow the process of your body trying to heal itself. God made our bodies to work correctly on their own, and sometimes we just need a little adjusting to get back on track. Not a life long prescription. A big THANKS to Dr. Jason and may he be blessed for all the blessing he helps take place!


–Billie M.

Severe and Chronic Constipation Resolved!

"I came to see Dr. Jason because of chronic and severe constipation. I would go 5-6 days between bowel movements. I had suffered with this condition for about 1 ½ years. Dr. Jason assured me that he could help me. However, I was skeptical because I had tried EVERYTHING including prescription medication without any success. But Dr. Jason was able to get my system “moving” again naturally by simply adjusting my spine and clearing my “Zones” allowing my body to function the way it is supposed to. Also, since being under care my allergies are so much better. Most important of all, I have a much more positive outlook on life!"


A Challenge To Skeptics!

"For years I suffered terrible headaches on a weekly basis. Physical therapy, prescribed medications, Cortisone injections to my neck, and multiple chiropractors were unable to ease my pain. I had told myself to never again waste my time or money on chiropractic care. Four months ago, my wife convinced me to give it “one last try” with a different kind of therapy. She brought home information about Zone Healing at The Zone Healing Center. While Dr. Jason was very knowledgeable and professional, I still was skeptical because of my past negative experiences with chiropractors. I soon realized that I had the wrong idea about Zone Healing! After the first few appointments, I was already feeling better. Since then, my pain is gone. If I do get a headache, it is now manageable. Because Dr. Jason focuses on healing the whole person, I have found positive changes in all areas of my health. I sleep well, my skin is clearer, and my body digests food better. My wife says that I seem happier too! I challenge anyone seeking help (especially skeptics!) to visit Dr. Jason at The Zone Healing Center. Taking care of my health is the best gift I could have given to myself and my family. I highly recommend Dr. Jason and I know that anyone will be amazed with the results!


Vision and Hearing Improved!

"I came to see Dr. Jason because my wife wanted me to see if a more balanced approach to my health might be of benefit. I came looking to feel better overall. I have noticed some drastic changes in my health since starting care. I have been taking a prescribed sleep aid for over 6 years. After just 6 zone healing sessions, I was able to stop taking the pills and I am sleeping much better naturally and I am waking up more rested. I am now sleeping better than I have in 20 years! I can finally sleep through the night. I have also suffered from frequent migraine headaches since I was about 10 years old. Although they have not been totally eliminated, the frequency and severity of the migraine headaches has been reduced dramatically since I’ve been under Dr. Jason’s care. In addition my vision and hearing have improved. I have been able to reduce my use of reading glasses!