What is the Zone Technique?

The Zone Healing Technique is a chiropractic method used to re-stabilize your body, mind, and soul. It focuses on clearing up six specific zones in your system. 

These adjustments help you heal by finding and fixing any disturbances in the signals between your brain and your body. 

Imagine that your body is a bit like an electrical system, powered by six "circuits" that formed in your brain during your embryonic stage of development. These six "circuits" regulate and influence:

 1.  Your glands
 2.  Your elimination process
 3.  Your nervous system
 4.  Your digestive organs
 5.  Your muscle system
 6.  Your circulation

When your body experiences and responds to emotional, physical, or chemical stress, you experience a disruption in the normal function of one or more of these circuits. It's a bit like that circuit "shorted out." The results of a "short circuit" can create symptoms in the body...from headaches and pain to indigestion, depression, insomnia, and everything in between. Before Dr. Jason makes an adjustment, he feels six specific points on your head to determine which of your brain's "circuits" is out of harmony with the bodily systems they control. When he finds the circuit that has shorted out, Dr. Jason makes a chiropractic adjustment that stimulates specific points on your spinal cord.

These adjustments allow a proper flow of signals between the spinal cord and the "circuits" in your brain that need balancing. The balanced "circuit" can then send the proper signals back to the malfunctioning system in your body. The result is that your body becomes better able to heal itself.

This is what we mean when we say the Zone Technique "balances your body."

Which zone do you think is off in your body? Dr. Jason will tell you and work to stabilize it.

Zone 1: Glandular

Zone G.jpg


-Memory     -Energy     -Skin     -Hair                  -Stomach     -Thyroid     -Adrenals                    -Digestion     -Pancreas     -Appetite                 -Sleep     -Elimination     -Kidneys                    -Reproductive Organs     -Relaxation                -Outlook on life in general     -Temper              -Irritability     -Concentration  


This zone regulates and returns all glands of the body to their normal function. 

Possible emotional connection: Creative outlet.


You may experience symptoms such as memory loss, low energy, disrupted digestion, urinary tract issues, sugar level balance, mood swings, menstrual cramps, etc.


Your glands will perform in healthy function and balance your hormones to normal levels, leaving you feeling renewed and energized.


Zone 2: Eliminative 

Zone E.jpg


-Sinuses     -Proper mucus elimination             -Bronchial tubes     -Lungs                                -Proper elimination of toxins     -Kidneys          -Small intestines     -Colon


This zone stimulates all the body's eliminative organs.

Possible emotional connection: What are you trying to change?


Your eliminative system will work in healthy function and allow your body to eliminate all toxins in your body.


You may experience symptoms such as sinus infections, trouble breathing, constipation, bloated feeling, acne, etc.


Zone 3: Nerve

Zone N.jpg


-Nervous system     -Eyes     -Ears                    -Sense organs     -Solar-plexus     -Digestion    -Not taking things so seriously     -Relaxation    -Reproductive Organs     -Appetite                   -Elimination     -Sleep     -Nerves

This zone returns the nervous system back to normal functioning.

Possible emotional connection: Worrying


Your nervous system will work in healthy function and allow you to feel relaxed and stabilized throughout your body.


You may experience symptoms such as panic attacks, trouble relaxing, eye pain, ear infections, insomnia, etc.

Zone 4: Digestive

Zone D.jpg


-Liver     -Appetite     -Food taste                      -Digestion     -Gall bladder     -Elimination        -Stomach glands     -Pancreas     -Intestines     -Assimilate foods better     -Normal weight

This zone returns normal functioning to all organs of digestion and elimination.

Possible emotional connection: Anger


Your digestive system will work in healthy function and allow you to digest food easily and absorb nutrients from food and liquid sources.


You may experience symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, stomachaches, acid reflux, weight gain or loss, etc. 


Zone 5: Muscular

Zone M.jpg



-Neck region     -Arms     -Movement                -Proper nerve life     -Chest     -Abdomen         -Back     -Muscle contractures    -Normal tone  -Straightening of distortions and curvatures     -Pain relief     -Feeling of ease     -Walking       -Suppleness     -Increased strength                  -Pelvic region     -Thighs     -Legs     -Feet        -Relaxed

This zone returns all muscles to normal and eliminates pain. 

Possible emotional connection: Feeling mentally overloaded


Your muscular system will work in healthy function and allow you to move easily, easing pain and soreness.


You may experience symptoms such as muscle soreness, stiffness, fatigue, joint pain, arthritis, etc. 

Zone 6: Circulatory

Zone C.jpg



-Thyriod gland     -Blood pressure     -Heart     -Ease     -Strength     -Back     -Back     -Arms   -Chest     -Abdomen     -Aches and pains         -Feeling of well-being     -Blood vessels         -Lymph vessels     -Lower extremities              -More energy     -Ease of movement of limbs

This zone normalizes all parts of circulation to balance blood flow.

Possible emotional connection: Feeling blocked by someone or something


Your circulatory system will work in healthy function and allow your blood to flow easily among your body, helping your heart and limbs get proper oxyidization. 


You may experience symptoms such as blood pressure issues, heart problems, hypo/hyper thyriodism, poor circulation, cold toes and hands, etc.

"The zones let Dr. Jason know what my body needs, and the knowledge of concept therapy helps me to focus on perfect health in mind, body, and soul. I am no longer taking any type of medication, nor do I label myself with any condition."
-J. H.

Total health is waiting for you.

Start re-balancing yourself with your first adjustment today.