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I want it all.

Family, Health, Happiness, Success

That means I'm particular about who I trust to help me.


Dr. Jason Lupkes, DC

Zone Doctor and Chiropractor

Families, Individuals, Athletes, and Wellness

Symptoms like headaches, back pain, indigestion, constipation, even depression and anxiety could keep me from all I want.

My body was made to be healthy.  If it's not, there's a cause and that cause needs to be corrected. 

Naturally, my body WANTS to heal and so do I.


We were created to be healthy, and when we’re not, we need to correct the cause.  Naturally your body wants to heal.  

Dr Jason’s mission IS to help you thrive!  Not just survive your pain, illness, injury or life.  

ALL illness and symptom manifestation can be relieved, corrected, and even eliminated by balancing the nerve connections that feed every part of your body.

This happens through Dr. Jason’s Zone Healing method.  By correcting the imbalances and bringing the body back into alignment with itself, health happens naturally!


Why do so many patients around the world swear that adjustments from Dr. Jason drastically improved the  quality and enjoyment of their lives? 

Simple.  It's the Zone Techique, unique only to trained professional Zone Doctors like Dr. Jason Lupkes.

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MS Symptoms Relieved!!

No More Pain Med!

No More "Electrical" Pain!

Renewed Energy!

True Healing!


"I have had some REALLY tough times with the MS (Multiple Sclerosis). It forced me to quit the dental hygiene profession. I have been on the "Copaxone" injections for many years. I fought doing the injections until the medical doctor told me I HAD to start on them. I have battled with the nerves "over-charging" from the damage that the MS has caused. Because the myelin had been destroyed, I would have to be drugged up to deal with the pain. I wasn't doing much from the combination of exhaustion and "loopiness" from the meds. One of the medical specialists that I had been seeing told me, “Kathy, as miserable as you are today, enjoy it. Every day after is going to be worse.” There was a friend of mine that had been bugging me for a year to go see her brother who is a chiropractor/Zone Healing doctor. [He is the only one practicing in Minnesota]. It took receiving a Christmas gift of visits to see her brother before I actually went! I have been seeing Dr. Jason several months and I wouldn't believe it if it weren't me that has experienced this!!! Besides adjusting my zones, Dr. Jason works with me as a person by teaching principles that help me to shift my limited thinking of the past. It's a combination of clearing the zones & education. You can't have one without the other. I no longer have the "electricity type" pain! I am completely off the disgusting pain medication that my neurologist told me would be the only thing that could help. Now instead of planning one small thing to do each day, I am playing soccer, T-ball, you name it with the grandkids. They can sleep over for a few days now and I still do great. Before, if I had them for an afternoon or overnight, I would be in bed for 3 days! I have ENERGY again!! That was a foreign word in my vocabulary! Up early in the morning, busy helping my husband with our business and still have energy left over to do other things as well. Unbelievable!"


Relief for Asthma,Adrenal Burnout

No More Asthma Meds!

Real Healing for a Laundry List of Diagnoses!

Adrenal Burnout Corrected!

Thyroid Balanced!

Relief from Migraines!

Crohn's Disease Symptoms Relieved!

Fibromyalgic Pain Relieved!

Insulin Resistance Corrected!

“Revelation and Evolution”

These are the two words describing my past year working with Dr. Jason Lupkes. A year ago, I received the news at my medical doctor’s office that I had yet another “condition” to add to the litany of diseases I had already been diagnosed with. Following an “in your face” lecture about needing to take better care of myself and a list of supplements to add to the existing handfuls of vitamins, supplements and prescription medications I was already taking, I was defeated! I exercised, ate pretty well and tried to take the natural approach to my health yet was getting nowhere. I had heard about Zone Therapy before but was tired of changing doctors due to my insurance company dictating who I could or could not see. Yet, this time when I told a friend that my adrenal glands were now “burned out”, I was willing to take the free consultation card to see Dr. Jason. I read up on the concept of Zone Therapy on the website first and then made the call…

I went in to Dr. Lupkes office with a list of diagnoses’ I have received through the years which included hypothyroidism, asthma and allergies, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, insulin resistance (to name a few) and a list of supplements and medications, including three for asthma alone. To my surprise, Dr. Jason wasn’t interested in seeing any of it. That was my REVELATION! He explained to me how the spinal cord resembled a circuit box in a house. When wire is crimped or the breaker is tripped, that area of the house will not have the power it needs. The body works the same way. The spine is the circuit box to your body, which is divided up into zones. If the spine is off, the zones (elimination, glandular, etc.) will not be working properly, and your body will suffer. I started seeing Dr. Jason twice a week and was soon off all my asthma medications and was able to cut down the list of vitamins and supplements drastically.

Next it was time for the EVOLUTION process to begin. This time it was about digging deeper into what was going on in the thought processes that could pollute or heal one’s body. This is called Concept Therapy. I got the book called ‘Rays of Dawn’ and started to read it while taking notes. It might as well been written in a different language as I could not understand it. I started attending a weekly study class Dr. Jason leads by going through the book, and I attended a weekend Concept Therapy seminar which started the awareness that mind and body need to work together in order for true healing to begin and lastly… Healing one’s body and changing one’s thinking is a process. I have sent many friends, family members and acquaintances to see Dr. Jason. They too are on the road to “perfect health”.


Sleep, Depression, and Anxiety GONE!

Worry Relieved!

Better Sleep!

Anxiety Gone!

New Lease on LIfe!

"Dr. Jason was recommended to me by a pharmacist who I spoke with when I was taking several medications for sleep issues, anxiety and depression.

I had not been sleeping well for several months and was trying to deal with stress that was related to a job change and subsequent downsizing.

After my first visit with Dr. Jason, I felt as if my body’s nervous system had been jump-started. After that, my nervous system seemed to be calmer and my body felt more relaxed.

Dr. Jason’s way of incorporating healthy ways of thinking and dealing with oneself and others has really helped my health return to normal.

I now rarely worry and look at life with a new perspective. The massage therapist I see has noticed that the tension that had always built up within me is rarely there anymore.

Dr. Jason is accommodating, compassionate and encouraging. Seeing Dr. Jason has changed my life and outlook for the future, and I highly recommend him to others who have health issues or to those who just want to keep their bodies healthy."